Keypoint Interactive

The development team at Innovision Incorporated has applied our many years of audience response experience to create Keypoint Interactive. Keypoint is an interactive add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. It has been specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the new suite of Office products.

The simple interface design makes
Keypoint incredibly easy to use!
Lightweight and portable audience response system

This software includes a robust list of features without adding unnecessary complexity. Those features include:

We have embraced the core design philosophy of "keeping it simple". The result is an elegant user interface design that makes adding sophisticated interactivity to your PowerPoint presentations as effortless as creating any other type of slide.  Learn More...


Tired of wasting time on paper ballots?
Get instant results with Live-Tally!
Wireless voting system

Are you currently conducting "parliamentary" style voting and elections in live events? We designed our Live-Tally solution specifically to make voting on motions, amendments and elections as quick and easy as possible. Live-Tally makes following common parliamentary procedures simple while still being flexible enough to adjust to the specific rules of your organization.

As with all products from Innovision, we have worked hard to simplify the complex task of voting on motions and elections. We recognize how challenging it is to react on-the-fly to dynamic events as they unfold on the meeting floor. Live-Tally was engineered from the ground up to meet these unique challenges.  Learn More...