Audience Response Technology

Whether the intent of your meeting is to entertain your audience or to educate them, our audience response systems will meet your needs. Our systems are wireless and set up in minutes. Audience response helps keep your audience focused and greatly improves information retention.

Improve Communications

Communication is the key to successful meetings. It can be difficult to gauge how effective a meeting has been at delivering key messages until weeks or months after it is over. Asking questions relating to key content using audience response provides immediate feedback while there is still time to capitalize on everyone being gathered for an event.

Enhance Learning

Studies have shown that repetition and interaction can dramatically improve your participants' ability to retain information. Audience polling keypads provide the perfect means to achieve this repetition and interaction in small or large audiences alike. Here are just a few examples of how keypads can be used:

Gain Insight

In a typical meeting environment the presenter only hears from the vocal minority. Asking targeted questions and allowing the entire audience to respond on their keypads allows a presenter to get input from everyone. Reports can even be generated based on demographic questions allowing for a more in depth analysis of responses.

Parliamentary Voting

Spending hours counting paper ballots can be expensive and time consuming. Using an audience response system to instantly tally electronic voting results allows decisions to be made quickly. Elections, motions and amendments can all be voted on electronically and tabulated immediately.