System Sales

The philosophy is simple. Make intuitive software that behaves the way users expect and creating interactive presentations becomes fun and easy. We also offer a wide range of keypad styles to choose from in order to tailor a system to meet your needs and your budget.

Looking for a "Do It Yourself" solution
that integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint?

Take a look at Keypoint Interactive! You already know how to make great looking PowerPoint presentations. Why not leverage those skills to make your presentations interactive? We have designed Keypoint Interactive to be the audience response software that people want to use.  Learn More...

Insert audience response questions right into your PowerPoint

Professional Services

If you are looking for a company to handle the audience response portion of your meeting, look no further. Innovision Incorporated has been providing professional audience response services for decades. We are a full service organization that will take care of every aspect of your interactive needs.

Hire the pros to handle your
audience response needs.

Innovision is available every step of the way, from initial concept design to final data reporting. We can help you determine the best way to get the information you're seeking from your audience. We also apply our extensive experience and knowledge of adult learning principles to ensure the technology is utilized to enhance your meeting.  Learn More...

Audience Response

Wireless audience response encourages your audience to become part of the presentation. This interaction increases participant learning and attention by making the meeting fun and entertaining as well as informative. Since our systems give instantaneous feedback, the presenter can tailor the meeting to the specific needs of each audience. Our software also allows results to be tracked by individually assigned keypads making it ideal for electronic voting applications. In these situations participants may cast their ballot electronically and results are tabulated instantly.  Learn More...